Swiss Ritual – Exploration of Swiss Minimalism

Swiss Ritual, a weekly visual and aural exploration of creating one album per week through the lens of Swiss minimalism. Swiss Ritual is an ongoing graphic

Akira Kusaka Illustration - Illustration and graphic design : Akira Kusaka Art...

Illustration and graphic design : Akira Kusaka Art Direction : Akira Kusaka client : Yamana Brewery Co.

concert-disc stereo

Concert-Disc was one of a zillion purveyors of budget albums, mostly classical music recorded by East European orchestras, and easy-listening collections by nameless studio musicians.

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anna kovecses

Anna Kovecses has really hit the nail on the head with these books covers for Norwegian publishing house øyenvitne

The effects of adrenaline are positively pulse-pounding, but the physical whoosh we feel in our bodies actually starts in our brains. Continue reading →

Good art taps into the modalities of human experience and makes you feel something. Photographer Aaron Tilley decided to focus on that cringe feeling when you can see something about to go wrong but are powerless to prevent it.

Ladislav Sutnar Strip street. (very henri matisse paper cut outs)

Joy-Art: Ladislav Sutnar

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