Conceptual Illustrations by Davide Bonazzi

Davide Bonazzi is an illustrator from Bologna Italy. He mixes digital techniques with textures of scanned found objects, in order to give his bold conceptual illustrations a warm and evocative atmosphere.

Today, we have a look at some works of Kotryna (aka Kata), an editorial illustrator from Vilnius, Lithuania. Working worldwide, mostly on nerdy editorial subjects, such as science, technology, finances, data, etc. Inspired by geometry,…

A look at the Works of Kotryna Zukauskaite : News : Joey Guidone's illustration, Infidelity and Technology, conceptual, editorial, boston globe, art direction by Jane Martin,

Joey Guidone Illustration: Texting… Or Cheating? Joey Guidone's illustration for The Boston Globe accompanied an article about infidelity and technology that suggests, “Your Spouse is Cheating on You, On Her Phone, Right Now.