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a painting of some trees and grass by the water
a painting of trees and water with mountains in the background
River Entrance by Marsha Savage
the woods are full of yellow and brown leaves
Workman Creek | Autumn Along Abbey's Way
an oil painting of a dirt road surrounded by trees and wildflowers in the fall
Eladó legjobb áron kortárs magyar festőművészek eredeti festményei. Tájképek, csendéletek.
an oil painting of a field with trees
a painting of a house on a hill with water in the foreground and clouds in the background
Название картины неизвестно (картина) — Афонин Александр
an abstract painting of trees and water
Beaulieu Fine Arts - Leading Independent Art Gallery
an oil painting of trees in the woods
a painting of trees and water in the woods
116 Landscape Oil Paintings By Russian Artist Roman Bozhkov