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Nhật Trang Minh
Nhật Trang Minh

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"Birth Stone ~ Garnet Brown this is the story when all of us born into the world. That time, we have a stone together with us. The stone is given by twelve goddess, that every stone will give us a personality that different from each other. The stone will become one with us and leave a mark that we known as birth mark. She is the one that will give the stone to them who have their birth in January, and the stone's name is also taken from her name, Garnet." -Artist
Hot Anime Illustrations by Nina Listyani
Nightberry by on @deviantART

Laverinne Nina

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The angel of the spring 尚月地イラスト集 ノスタルヂア: 尚 月地: 本(Nao tsukiji)
Tukiji Nao

Nao Tsukiji

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9 Reasons To Stop Waxing Your Eyebrows And Try One Of These Shaping Alternatives Instead
Gokinjo Monogatari
Gokinjo Monogatari

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MAGGI on Twitter: "오늘의 러프. 간만에 전통복이네요..날씨는 화창한데 엄청 우울한..."


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Loli, illustration

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动漫女生头像 简约 唯美 可爱


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mỉm cười trước gió..    :))kkk


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