Melted teapots

Thanks to The Jealous Curator for sharing the ceramic work of London-based Chilean artist Livia Marin. These gorgeous pieces are from her series titled Nomad Patterns

cool photoshop pictures

This image combines a lot of effective photoshops. The images are well done and blended to look realistic and make someone think twice. They are very nicely done and very effective in their purpose. The photos in each of the images are photoshopped well

(국외)혀가딸기가 될정도로의 맛이느껴지는 음료광고가 참신하다생각해서 선정했습니다.

This is an excellent ad for Fanta, because it is telling consumers that their soda either tastes like real strawberries or that the strawberry flavor is really intense. This is clear and simple way to market an item.

Watsons: For Monster Breath Campaign - Gute Werbung - created via

Watsons: For Monster Breath Campaign - Gute Werbung. - a grouped images picture - Pin Them All

국내) 층간소음을 명화로 잘 나타낸 디자인이 돋보이는 포스터이다.

국내) 층간소음을 명화로 잘 나타낸 디자인이 돋보이는 포스터이다.

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