movie poster set | 꿈보다 해몽 A Matter of Interpretation 02

Illustrations on photos for the movie poster for Korean film 꿈보다 해몽 / A Matter of Interpretation

七格格女装520闺蜜节banner设计,来源自黄蜂网                                                                                                                                                                                 More

七格格女装520闺蜜节banner设计,来源自黄蜂网 More / 2015 Mnet No.Mercy / Motion Graphics Design / Broadcast Design / Graphic Surgeon

Art Director and Motion Graphics Designer based in Seoul. Graphic Surgeon specializes in Motion Graphics and Music Video for KPOP broadcast.

"paint the town red" illustrated metaphor

"Lets paint the town Red" I think this is another advertisement for a paint company. It seems paint companies have the coolest designs. The red paint really stand out and making the bristles the town was really creative.

No.1 Dance Studio Published by Maan Ali

No.1 Dance Studio

Love the way this typography forms around the dancers motion. They both visually clash for attention and it makes a striking piece.