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Chain and suede bracelet DIY. Place two   stands on the outside of one piece of chain, then take another piece and wrap it   through the chain around the loose piece of suede

Jewelry DIY: Suede & Chain Woven Bracelet: Curb chain – about 7 inches or length of bracelet you need. I’m using mm matte gold chain. Suede lace – about 2 yards Bead with large hole (optional for finishing ends) Part 2 feet of cable chain, f

This reminds me SO MUCH of my oldest who just came back from FL & got to visit her bird... & family there xoxo

Which anime manga character is your favorite? Do tell us also about how to feel about the examples of amazing anime drawings and manga faces that we have given here.

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Paper Typography, by Gina Hollingsworth A typeface created from a single sheet of paper, with only cuts and folds. The process used to create the alphabet involved.