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Hyper-Utopian Suburb Illustrations - Anton Van Hertbruggen renders highly relatable depictions of modern suburban life in his collection ‘Memories of a Suburban Utopia.

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in-the-flesh-page.jpg (300×422)

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2012-12-17-marriage1_final-thumb-620xauto-48453.jpg (620×632)

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religions do not like questions!

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These conceptual illustrations are by Koren Shadmi he is an illustrator and cartoonist based in Brooklyn. Koren won gold medal at the Society of Illustrat

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Koren Shadmi - Koren Shadmi has a skill for combining engaging comic illustrations with highly critical statements. His latest collection throws the spotlight on .

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Dirty Folklore Illustrations: Shih-Mao Renders Humorous and Naughty Digital Prints