Help Stop Global Warming Campaign

Help Stop Global Warming Ad One thing that causes global warming is electrical pollution. Save electricity and reduce global warming now, by turning off. Help Stop Global Warming Ad

The unbuckled seatbelt also represents a broken spine, which is usually always fatal and results in death or serious injury. Having the seat belt buckle be so close to the strap shows that if it were just a little closer, if it were buckled, a broken spine could've been completely avoided. Hinting at injury in an advertisement makes it extremely powerful since no one wants this happening to them.

34 Clever Advertisements That Will Make You Think

Funny pictures about Smart Seat Belt Ad. Oh, and cool pics about Smart Seat Belt Ad. Also, Smart Seat Belt Ad photos.

Great hand sanitizer awareness campaign on the subway.

"Whose hand are you holding"?An awesome print execution for Dettol hand sanitizer that focuses on the gross factor.

Dentist marketing technique. Cammarata Pediatric Dentistry, pediatric dentist in Houston, TX @

stronge visual communication, you can know what is the topic of this ad straight away by the form of the teeth

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