Esmer is She's a mythical forest sprite, who loves the outdoors. She hates tight spaces, and has to be in a space with lots of room to move around. She's really sweet, but a little shy at first.

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Tags: "ahoge" "brown hair" "short hair" "smile" "sweat" Source: "The Idolm Characters: "Kikuchi Makoto" Artist: "Nekopuchi"

Anime Girl

A girl by the namd of Olivia. Aged 15 her birthday being 14 July. She likes reading books and hanging out with her friends. She enjoys writing stories and taking photos with her camera. Her best friend is Madeline.

Qué más puedo decir, amo esta imagen.

Kinda makes me think about me and my twin sis, except we both have long brown hair. I don't have a violin, but want to play it so badly. We both love music. I'm a little more country/girly than my twin, and yeah. ^v^so Kawai


Imagen anime mahou shoujo madoka magica shaft (studio) akemi homura dangmill long hair single tall image blush looking at viewer black hair sitting girl dress flower (flowers) petals pantyhose headband musical instrument piano 478265 es