i love this so much two of my fav things combined in one

eeveelution personified my favorites are probably glaceon sylveon and leafeon drawn like this

Main char.: eevee  Her Best Friends: flareon, jolteon, vaporeon.  Enemies/supporting: umbreon, espeon

Pokemon Eevee, flareon, jolteon, vaporeon, umbreon and espeon - omg I found it. All the old eeveelutions crossed with humans.

Origin by Mewitti pokemon

Mew for ~Derranged! She won Best Art Style in my Dress Up Your Pokemon Contest and asked for something 'Mewy' so here is something straight out of the first Pokemon movie!

Vaporeon | Eevee Everything

thefingerfuckingfemalefury: “ cuhelski: “ ~april shower, summer storm~ ” Awwwwwwwww This is a beatiful lesbian Eevee-lution hence the rainbow around them :) ”

bluekomadori: “ I haven’t painted anything with a background for so long, it was time to change that! my art is also on: dA pixiv instagram facebook redbubble ”

black eyes bluekomadori flower full body hair flower hair ornament hand on own chest head fins highres light beam lily pad looking up no humans pokemon pokemon (creature) sitting solo vaporeon water watermark web address

Vaporeon Pin, get the pun? | Pokemon

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sugarmint-dreams: Eevee’s dream. - Super late addition of eevee to complete my eeveelutions fanart.