A tragic day when this wonderful man committed suicide...so very sad   Alexander McQueen’s fall fantasy 2013

This is a modern day take on the Baroque style dresses. The designer is Alexander McQueen. To reemphasize the Baroque style, it had free flowing lines and had a bigger feel versus delicate.

Orlando rococo 1700's gown - why can't we wear gowns like this today? Le sigh

Orlando was a great and beautiful film. Tilda Swinton as Orlando photographed by Karl Lagerfeld for Vogue, July 1993

게임캐릭터 컨셉원화

Holy smokes I love this dress! I'm putting this on my Steampunk board cuz I think it has some amazing possibilities! ==> Krikor Jabotian Couture S/S 2014

한복 Hanbok : Korean traditional clothes[dress] | #ModernHanbok

[Wedding Special Planning] ① New interpretation of traditional wedding ceremony New style, New Modern Korean Wedding