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80s stickers // "Make Yourself Scarce!" "Take a Hike!" "Come off it!" "Get Lost!" "Be Gone Bozo!" "Just Cool It!" "Float Away Air Head!" "But Off!" "Well Excuuse Me!" "Gross Me Out!"

lettering stickers - "Make Yourself Scarce!" "Take a Hike!" "Get Lost!" "Float Away Air Head!" "Well Excuuse Me!" "Gross Me Out!


alphabet based on geometric forms, that combines weird perspectives, impossible-like figures, volumes and colors, lots of colors!

Gig poster by Kim Bohuy

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MG25.COM + DESIGN — (via TumbleOn)

This spring i was invited to design a poster for Soiree Graphique, a graphic-event in Switzerland. Apart from the format specifications the briefing said ”you can do everything“.Usually I begin my work by reading about the theme and doing a lot of resear…