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Elian and Lucian would've probably talked like ONCE when they were this young lmao. That horrible haircut for the blonde boy tho.


Have a look at Stephan Schneider Look Book for Spring Summer 2012 photographed by Stefan Heinrichs. Here new Stephan Schneider at eshop.

Top London Prep School

School uniforms pros and cons essay ideas Jun 2013 · College Application Essay Ideas. School Uniforms Pros and Cons Uniforms how to be. School uniforms be a good path to keep up a level of.


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Has the air bending tattoo, was raised by air benders, but didn't come from them. The avatar.




His sharp eyes would Pierce the heart of anyone he had looked at, but only those brave enough to approach the fierce feminine looking boy and persevere through his cold attitude could every truly know HIM

Gene Kelly

Happy 100th birthday, Gene Kelly!

In American in Paris Gene Kelly executes 7 "over the gates" on the trot (we counted) he's my all time favorite dancer!