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However, the Yike Bike is far from conventional. It is the world’s first folding electric bike.  [ ] #new #avionics #technology

The world's first super light folding electric bike | YikeBike

The world's first super light folding electric bike | YikeBike | Urban Freedom

Hi tech luxury bed complete with state of the art sound system [ ] #new #avionics #technology

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The HiCan takes Canopy beds to a whole new level. The bed comes with a state-of-the-art sound system, reading lights, and a built-in PC so you can surf the internet. Let’s not forget the complete multimedia system with game and entertainment consoles that connect to a projector, allowing you to enjoy high definition movies and …

Now how cool is this? Surge protection no matter where you go and when you need to plug-in! Compact USB Surge Protector [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Satechi USB Surge Protector provides protection from electrical spikes and surges that can be devast

Phone - Watch [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Samsung Proxima Concept from Johan Loekito

Phone - Watch [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Futuristic Bed.  [ ] #new #avionics #technology

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How to create the super cool 3D printed speakers (with lights!)  [ ] #new #avionics #technology

How to create the super cool 3D printed speakers (with lights!)

Designed by a team at Autodesk and 3D printed on an Objet Connex 500, these speakers were then endowed with an audioreactive LED system by new LED startup LumiGeek.

Gyroscopically balanced bike [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Teenage inventor takes the world's first 'unicycle' motorbike for a spin

A young inventor has created a motorbike with a twist – it uses two wheels but they are positioned right next to each other, giving it the illusion of being a powered unicycle.

You'd think these covers wouldn't pass off as good iPhone covers... Think AGAIN! [ ] #new #avionics #technology

20 Retro iPhone Covers That Celebrate Vintage Tech

Whether you're a fan of retro gaming or love the classic chrome looks of old school gadgetry, we've got an iPhone case to suit.

First thought, "cool spin on old school phone" but then a closer look showed me something more awesome.  This is a snap on cover for the iPhone with different photo lenses.  now that's new school cool! [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Holga phone! We've got some cool news. (Ha.) | Cool Mom Tech

If you’ve just come to accept that your iPhone is now your main camera, at least there are plenty of options now to help make those pictures look a lot better. The Holga iPhone lens is a nifty little device that snaps right to your phone like a case, giving you 9 different lenses and […]

Answer your door when you're not at home. [ ] #new #avionics #technology
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Smart Doorbell Lets You Answer When Not at Home

If you're expecting a package but out at the store, don't you wish you could remotely tell the UPS guy to leave it? Now you can.

Kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye [ ] #new #avionics #technology
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Kiss Your Keyboard and Mouse Goodbye With The Leap

Kiss your mouse and keyboard goodbye [ ] #new #avionics #technology

QR Code with your wifi password for guests.  [ ] #new #avionics #technology

How To Trick People Into Thinking You’re Tech Savvy

For the record, Liam and I are not what you would call “tech-savvy”. Our parents would call us tech savvy, but you wouldn’t. Case Points: The songs on our iPod are over 7 years ol…

I need all of this.. [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Cool new army tire technology [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Cool new army tire technology

No more flat tires? Sounds good to me CHECK THIS VIDEO OUT:

Easy to read clock design [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Easy to read clock design by Doug Jackson

If you’re like me and it takes you altogether too long to read the time on an analogue watch, and you think digital clocks are a little unsophisticated, th

Do you spend hours of your life searching high and low for lost keys?  [ ] #new #avionics #technology

Locate Lost Keys With These 10 Handy Gadgets

We have found 10 terrific gizmos that will locate your missing keys and stop you being such a loser.