A very good info-graphic on proper face topology. Cross-platform, most modelers can accomplish this.

Hey i'm sharing this mesh.   zbro bust base mesh_2 (ztl /obj)  #BaseMesh #zbrush #wireframe

Hey i'm sharing this mesh. zbro bust base (ztl /obj) - Great reference for face topology

Female Face Topology

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Mesh topology - 3DTotal Forums

Mesh topology - Forums Personal Notes: [The Eyebrow topology. Check yellow and top. Generally more effective for males and/or cartoony facial extremities.

head topology

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In this free tutorial, Jahirul Amin takes a look at adding the hands and feet to our character model using Maya.

Cartoon Topology, Héctor S. D'Ors on ArtStation at https://www.artstation.com/artwork/cartoon-topology

Animation Topology for a Cartoon model and blendshapes with diferent animations