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This interface has been designed for an app designed aimed towards children. The amount of text present however may indicate the app is aimed towards children slightly older than the project "Look-up" demographic.

Direct design to children by making it as illustrative as possible (eliminate all means of text - children communicate quicker with familiar images/vectors)

Speed Match App. 단어를 완성하는 알파벳 놀이와 순발력 매치 게임을 통해 영어 단어를 자연스럽게 학습할 수 있는 어린이 학습 게임

Speed Match - a good design for kid app but the color make me feel something sadly- just my opion:

New tutorial on how you can create the following image with CSS3 box shadows. There are 8 different effects in this tutorial created in just CSS3.

CSS Box Shadow The box-shadow property allows you to easily create multiple drop shadows on box elements by specifying values for colour, size, blur and offset.

30 Useful and Cutting Edge CSS3 Text Effect and Web Typography Tutorials

30 Useful and Cutting Edge Text Effect and Web Typography Tutorials," including: letterpress effects, anaglyphic text, flaming text, and even how to use rems to set your font sizes. Gathered by Daniels Mekšs at Web Designer.

CSS cheat sheet codes. #CSS #webdesign

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