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Мастерская Добрый Столяр

Мастерская Добрый Столяр

Very hard to do... but someone could figure it out.

-Castors are too much, they make every child too wild (hehe), but if just by sitting on this chair would relax you how nice would that be!- Innovative Wooden Chair Furniture Design of Spring Wood Collection

Frottez une vis avec du savon pour qu'elle entre plus facilement dans le bois

DIY Screw Lube: hang a bar of soap above your workbench; run long screws across the soap before driving them and they’ll penetrate the wood smoothly, without stripping the screw head.

Lecture d'un message - mail Orange

Do you keep all your tape, twine and ribbon spools in a drawer? That can look messy, waste a lot of space and make it hard to find things. Try this great DIY organizing idea. Screw a paper towel holder to the window trim in your craft room.

멋쟁이 스티브 잡스를 다시 회상~~'항상 갈망하라.우직하게 가라.''사랑하는 사람을 찾듯이,사랑하는 일을 찾아라'

Miss U, jobs.

ⓙ┃┈┏┓┓┃┳┓┃┈┓┓◇┳╋┳┓┓┓   ⓝ┻┛┗┛┗┛┗━┻┛┗┫◇┗┛┗┻┗╋   ╋┏┓ⓙ┳┓┃┈┃  ┗┗┛ⓝ┗┻┻┛┻┛ Waroonsiri✔✔

ⓙ┃┈┏┓┓┃┳┓┃┈┓┓◇┳╋┳┓┓┓ ⓝ┻┛┗┛┗┛┗━┻┛┗┫◇┗┛┗┻┗╋ ╋┏┓ⓙ┳┓┃┈┃ ┗┗┛ⓝ┗┻┻┛┻┛ Waroonsiri✔✔