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A reader built this cat enclosure inspired by my own DIY cat enclosure. It turned out fantastic.

One of my readers showed me how he built this Awesome large DIY backyard cat enclosure. These kitties are so spoiled and happe!

DIY Cat Enclosure for Indoor Cats that Wanna be Outside Cats...HAVE to have this for my cats.

Outdoor Catio (enclosed area for cats outside) with cat tunnels. A safer alternative for indoor cats, which can even be attached to outdoor cat enclosures or porches!

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DIY cat whack-a-mole game. CUT holes in BOX & cover it with shelf/contact paper. Take a pole/stick & tape a mouse toy horizontally to it. MOVE stick toy from hole to hole & they'll go crazy!

Best Cat Toy Ever? Cat Whack a Mole @Valter Silva you should build this!!

Best Cat Toy Ever? Cat Whack a Mole Vajda Vajda Musulin Silva you should build this!

Narrow House Plan, New Home

Though this is NOT a shipping container house it is an interesting layout that could be used with shipping containers. Surprise bedroom at the back. Utility room in the front.Narrow House Plan, New Home, Minimalist House Design