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Selfie Toaster - $75 @sarahsergeant I'll be buying you this when you get married

Selfie Toaster: Eat Your Face. All you have to do is upload your selfie and fork over 75 bucks. Vermont will then use Photoshop and a CNC plasma cutter to “transfer” your face from the photo onto a metal plate, which is then fitted into the toaster.


I wonder what the texts from my mom would be like. Hilarious Mom Texts that show you why Moms are the best.The text about "Courtney" running the bunny over, that would be something my mom would do to me!

This is probably my future son....Funny text -

Awkward Parents - DadDad i got suspended from school.The teacher pointed a ruler at me and said there is an idiot at the end of this ruler. So i asked which end :)You are totally my son!

*swimming away from your LIES*

*swimming away from your LIES* also, funny that the fact Harry Potter is shown and not Percy Jackson. <<<< Cause the Harry Potter movies are better unfortunately, don't get me wrong I love all of the books