Japan: Vibrant Colors & Chopsticks

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Ueno Park and Tokyo Zoo - read all about my visit to Ueno Park and Tokyo Zoo! ****************************************** Tokyo | Trip to Tokyo | 10 Days in Tokyo | Visit Tokyo | Ueno Park | Tokyo Zoo
Sawara is a town stuck in Edo period and there's no better time to experience old Japan than the Grand Sawara Festival in July:
Learning Japanese in Japan
Planning on travelling around Japan? Don't forget to get your Japan Rail Pass to travel cheaper.
If you are in Kansai region, a day trip to Nara to see the deer park and temples are a must. Here is an itinerary for food, temples, deers.
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Arashiyama is just outside of Kyoto, Japan. Famous for its bamboo forest and temples. Here's how a perfect day trip there looks like:
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Kofuku ji in Nara, Japan - a classic Japanese temple structure
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