doilie lamp

I've noticed more and more that people get rid of doilies either by thrifting them, giving them away for free, or throwing them out. Here's a creative and unique looking idea for a light shade using doilies.

DIY paper bead facts

How to make striped paper beads - perle di carta

creative tablescapes using paper

Creative Tablescapes ::: Using Paper

Graduation Party Tablescape Runner di carta e barattoli

scrap necklace, make one in every color  to match your wardrobe!

cute pom pom necklaces to make, cheap idea Novoline

Simple, stylish wall art made from fabric scraps and blank canvases of various sizes.

DIY Wall Art

Months after renovating, we’ve still got a lot of that around here at OFS. From the concrete floor to the ceilings, the walls are all painted a really nice light blue/gray color.

Tutorial for a Fabric Knot Bracelet from

DIY fabric knot bracelet - cute and easy.

I loved making these as a kid. I even had a hot pink machine that I would glue and roll them with!!!

How to make a Rorschach Mask

how-to: recycled paper beads!

100 things to make with fabric scraps. :)

Scrap Happy: More than 100 things to do with Fabric Remnants and Scraps.

Fabric bangles by PrettyBoxshop on Etsy,

Fabric bangles by PrettyBoxshop on Etsy,

diy headbands with fabric scraps

DIY Headbands - Dollar store headband, old fabric or t-shirt, hot glue gun. wrap headband with fabric braid fabric glue it to gifts made decorating ideas fashion