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Death Note manga L and Watari, I really think Watari should just already become L's dad cause he's always taking care of of him and it's really cute

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Death note - L and Watari

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L Lawliet Fan Art

“ By こまつ ※ Permission to upload this was given by the artist. ”

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えゆゆ~~~~ 新しく入れたブラシのためし描きしてたやつ Lたん永遠に描いていられる…... - GOTCHA!

えゆゆ~~~~ 新しく入れたブラシのためし描きしてたやつ Lたん永遠に描いていられる… 寒いですね~~~ 極力暖房つけない派なんですが今日は流石に無理……

New Memes Heart Desenho Ideas

L誕発狂してた②ー1 - nageru.

L lawliet and kids

L Lawliet and Light Yagami _Death Note

L and light

L from death note

L lawliet

Death Note L, Near, Mello, Matt<<<who the hell is Matt? He's obviously the one in the glasses but I only read the manga and near and mello came in after L

Mello, Matt, L and Near

"Death Note" ~ L Lawliet and Beyond Birthday.

L Lawliet and Beyond

L lawliet

L lawliet