Since I saw this it reminded me of the humanized Korean versions of two bee from a series I watched as a kid.

"Once Upon a Time": So-Hee Song in High Fashion and Traditional Korean Costume (Hanbok) by Hyea-Won Kang for Vogue Korea June 2014

Fashion on the Couch: Editorial Vogue Korea June 2014 "Once Upon A Time" Feat So-Hee Song By Hyea-Won Kang

Vogue Korea (Oct 2010) “Harvest Feast”  Photographer Ogh Sang Sun - model Choi Ara; korea hanbok

Of course as soon as I leave Korea, I decide I want one [Hanbok, Vogue Korea]


These 10 kids show that traditional Korean hanbok clothes can both be very classy, but heart-warmingly cute at the same time!

Hanbok Illustration

By Si-U (Tjsiu). She reminds me of a Korean Flora McFlimsey, though she's not a doll.) That reminds me, I need to look up some Flora McFlimsey illustrations .