Klinker geometric wall facade

Klinker Handmade tiles can be colour coordinated and customized re. shape, texture, pattern, etc. by ceramic design studios Direct link: cargocollective.

patterns and textures

This piece is an example of pattern and texture because of the pattern that the piece makes. The wooden sculpture looks like rocks which seem to have a smooth texture. The light and dark also create visual interest and increases appeal.

Hand Painted Textures Collection

A few different textures that show how the same art style can be implemented over various materials. All of these materials are ideal for the dungeon I plan to make as they are all common materials.

Download 10 Grunge, Rusty and Dirty Tileable Textures

10 Grunge, Rusty and Dirty Tileable Textures


You can buy this Textures pack at http:& ! Tileable Hand-Painted Textures set for a medieval environment.

Cremuss' handpainted thread - Polycount Forum

Hello I& not been super productive lately but hopefully motivation is flowing back and so I& starting a thread to show my adventures with handpainted art.

Show your hand painted stuff, pls! - Page 7 - Polycount Forum

This artist paints pictures of just textures. I see metallic rivets or staples here, maybe I'm wrong. Either way I want to run my fingers along the seems.