Blue City on Behance

Here is the very first version of a big play carpet I initially made for Lichi Blue company. The final product turned out to be completely different so, I've kept working on it as personal project.

Watch a city grow right before your eyes. Open this ingenious and stylish pop-up book and see houses, apartments, factories, and power lines appear as you turn the page. Stylish retro design and clever paper engineering make this a must-have pop-up book.

Popville Anouck Boisrobert et Louis Rigaud Avec un texte de Joy Sorman

Quick Craft For Kids: How to make a Miniature Fairy Village on

Quick Crafts For Kids - how to make a fairy village

"Popville" pop-up book by Anouck Boisrobert  and Louis Rigaud

Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud & Joy Sorman, Popville pop-up book

3d city on Behance

City model created by Anna Paschenko, a freelancer designer and illustrator from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Super detailed city in in Sim City style.