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Fascinating typography design with bold stripes and playing with negative space [Adverse by Katalin Bártfai, via Behance]

글자가 상황에 힘을가한다.

I like how this poster has the different elements of size it makes it interesting and catches my eye. I could use this idea when creating my posters.

누군가의 가슴을 커피 한잔처럼 따뜻하게 만들어주고 싶다.

누군가의 가슴을 커피 한잔처럼 따뜻하게 만들어주고 싶다.

Parejas de siluetas de gatos — Ilustración de stock #6883780

Image detail for -Vector illustration of couples of black cats silhouettes. Top left as a tattoo for my two kids.

números decorados para la torta

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Cake Topper. Handcrafted in Business Days. Pastel Blue Number Cake Topper with Glitter Accent Stars.