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Bloosom - Project overview

Bloosom - Project overview

진짜 씨디 플레이어에서 씨디가 돌아가는 느낌으로 재생되어 돌려서 음악의 앞부분과 뒷부분을 재생할 수 있다니 기존의 제품에는 있는 것이지만 화면에 적용을 하여 신박한 디자인인 것 같다.

This was completed in week Here I experimented mixing modern and retro feel to create a music player app. The app also combines a gesture-based interface instead of the conservative player inter.

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Music Player Animation by Azís Pradana

The animated audio icon on the bottom works. Bonus is if it is responding to the audio in realtime. Subtle detail and adds value and functionality to user experience beyond simple 'delight.