Found ~ Flat Mobile Icons Designs for Your Inspiration by Nancy Young thanks to Hongkiat. #FlatDesign #Illustration #Icons

Great simplistic design with a good amount of detail to get the point across and recognize the icon.

very clean and visually pleasant, but I feel its strength is also a weakness. Because it can be subtle, it might not attract people to the app based on visuals alone.

The icon reminds me of a gps when youre driving and the blue and white circle shows where you are. I think it is very effective to have that and something we can easily recognize

Reading app Icon

This is a very clever idea with using the side of the B as a bookmark. It gives it a simple and modern design.

30 Examples of Minimal App Icons - UltraLinx

30 Examples of Minimal App Icons

Message/ Chat App Icon design ( chat, messaging related) tried to convey the idea to integrate chat bubble and letter C Thanks!

MMNTS App Icon by Deividas Graužinis

MMNTS App Icon

Vine app icon

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