I always find digital banking tedious and complicated but this interface simplifies every procedure. I like how it allows users to document and visualize their different credit card information and their bank accounts simply.


Weather Timeline is a simple weather app that focuses on summarising the next hour, the next 48 hours and the next week so you don't have to.

Ui Practice

Ui Practice

Here is a ui practice. The concept is about the headphone has been cooked in best state. Very embarrassing is that I don& know how to accurately describe it in English (& Hope u like it~

This is a rebound of my personal "what if" expense tracker. These are total monthly expenses with sliding months tabs at the top,

Money iPhone App Concept by UltraLinx. Inspired by Clear.

Example of simple design that emphasizes color and size to create a hierarchy without any icons or photos.

Daily UI #72 It's a Trip App. I like to travel, like santorini, like all the…


Daily UI It's a Trip App. I like to travel, like santorini, like all the beautiful places. The APP can be classified according to the geographical view resort, depending on the browsing hab.

SmartHome App

SmartHome App

SmartHome App offers you to easily connect to various smart home appliances from your smart phones and wearable devices. The range of connectable equipment includes refrigerators, washing machines,.

Actualité / Organiser son temps efficacement / étapes: design & culture visuelle

Peek Calendar Mobile App Flat UI Design App not for me (I prefer more customization), but it sure is beautiful.

uigifs app showcase two

Top UI designs this week

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