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How to Ignite Your Creativity Making Glass Beads – Patsy Evins Studio

Need help igniting your creativity making glass beads? I've resorted to doing a few things that I'll share with you that helps spark my imagination's flame.


Glass Beads in the Making!

Glass stitch markers and progress keepers for knitters and crocheters who enjoy something special!

Glass Fusing Classes and Training Online - DIY jewelry making

Learn how to make fused glass jewelry | Jewellery in a microwave kiln. Very detailed glass fusing course, video tutorials and instructional videos. Learn at your own pace with all the support you need. Private glass fusing Facebook group included. Join our jewelry making community Now!


DIY LIGHT FIXTURES are a great way to perk up your bedroom, kitchen or outdoors! Check out these ideas to make your own rustic, farmhouse pieces!

How to Solder Tin | eHow.com

Soldering tin metal is easier than other metals because the steel metal materials are pre-coated with a layer of tin. This layer of tin also allows tin to be soldered at a lower temperature than other metals, typically in the 150 to 200 degree Fahrenheit range.

How to Solder Metals Together - Tool Tutorial Friday

If you've used a curling iron, you are qualified to solder. Wait — even if you haven't you can learn how to solder metals together. Its easy!

Soldering Is NOT Rocket Science!

Soldering Is NOT Rocket Science!: I've seen so many articles on electronic soldering that are either overly verbose and hard to read, too complex for a beginner, insist on expensive tools, or are just plain wrong, that I decided to clear the air a bit by going back to the basics. Wh…

How To Solder: A Complete Beginners Guide - Makerspaces.com

Learn how to solder w/ proper soldering techniques. In this tutorial we explore soldering irons, soldering stations, types of solder, desoldering. PDF ebook

The Alchemy of Making Paint From Dirt & Sand - Local Milk Blog

Painter Stella Maria Baer shares her process and ethos for making paint from dirt and sand she responsibly sources from the earth.

Ten Good Sheep Wool Fleece Washing Tutorial

Wool fleece washing tutorial by Ten Good Sheep

Beginning Spinning

Beginning Spinning: Tips and tricks for the beginner I started spinning a few months ago and thought I would share with you my progress and a few things I have learned. Hopefully, this will encoura…

Learn How to Spin Your Own Yarn

Spinning your own yarn is a time-honored skill and one that is enjoyable and practical. Here's how to get started.


Making Stickers in Procreate

VSCO Stickers | Vinyl Sticker Shop | With Lifted Hands Co. Our stickers can be used for a variety of products, such as on laptops, ipads, tablets, phones, journals, tumblers, bottles, bibles, books, cars and more. Why not make your stuff more pretty with our long-lasting, cute stickers?!

Theres a lot of steps to make stickers, but ive figured out how to make them with my ipad, procreate, an inkjet printer, and a cricut maker!

How I make Stickers with Cricut and Procreate

Theres a lot of steps to make stickers, but ive figured out how to make them with my ipad, procreate, an inkjet printer, and a cricut maker!


Procreate Drawing HACK for those that can't draw || Make Digital Stickers for Digital Planning

Do you struggle to draw well? Use this hack to create great picture on Procreate even if you struggle with paining. Learn how I turn a dull sketch of a dog i...