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(Literally this says, 'A mountain is not a mountain, water is not water') I'm going to translate it as: 'Everything is not always as it seems'.

Asian Graphic Design | japanese graphic design page layout designed by shinnoske inc for the ...

Japanese Poster Design: Trees and streets. Page layout designed by Shinnoske, Inc. for the Morisawa Font house.

Japanese Poster: Fahrenheit 9/11. Deconstruction. Katsunori Aoki.

Japanese Poster: Fahrenheit 9/11. Deconstruction. Katsunori Aoki

old kentiku architecture cover

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[hand]writing does not just contain semantic information. it also contains aesthetic information (when seen as a shape or image) and emotional information (such as a graphologist would analyze) — but does it float

The Ultra Asian (foot) is a advert developed by Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan for the 2011 Asia Pacific regional advertising festival Adfest. Each advert reveals a part of a persons body, (the ultra asian) which is made up of different iconic elements from Asia Pacific.

The Yoshida Hideo Memorial Foundation: The Ultra Asian Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Tokyo, Japan

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