Gorgeous Hanbok...

I never wanted to do the whole dressing up in hanbok bit of the wedding until I saw this. Korean traditional dress by Kyung Lim Hanbok

Korean traditional dress by Hanbok House

If the Workshops work out, I plan to bring whatever hanbok Ill have on hand at the time, which will hopefully be a new one.

Korean Crane Postage Stamp

Korea postage stamp: bird and pink sky (karen horton) Tags: pink art birds 30 illustration clouds vintage design mail korea newyear korean yinyang postage ch philatelic redcrestedcrane

hangul blocks

Uncle Goose Korean Character Blocks and over other quality toys at Fat Brain Toys. The Korean character block set includes 22 animals and the numbers in English and Korean with a word construction grid.

Hangul (Korean alphabet) magnets for the fridge

Hangul (Korean alphabet) magnets for the fridge - just like when I was a kid learning the English Alphabet.