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Yana Byun

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Yana Byun
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Omg!!!!!! That's the cutest thing ever!!!! I can't breath help help I've fangirled and i can't get up

The Return of Superman : Baekhyun getting a kiss from Seojun

Luhan's reaction is priceless (gif) I love his face too much

Réactions de Luhan quand Kris a dit : " Le poulet n'est pas mon style"

EXO's reaction when they won on Music Bank... Luhan's face is so funny! (GIF)

EXO's reaction when they won on Music Bank. I love Chen & Sehun reaction (GIF)

exo K then-now

exo K then-now (The stats are someone else's opinion,I just dig the pix!

"Because I'm Korean". Poor Chen (EXO).

My beautiful goofy EXO hahaha nice hips you've got there baekkie and can you walk with me toa

"Poor Baekhyun. :/ " poor baby X( Exo

but is really funny, i definetly believe them about losing a member all the time XD poor Baekhyun

XD tao

And by that I mean, "DEAR GOD, I don't even know how to thank You for giving me such an unbelievably adorable husband." x''''''''''D My baby panda Zitao.