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I like how they used the tip of the pencil to recreate the shape of a mountain - thus providing new persepctive 以小见大

I like how they used the tip of the pencil to recreate the shape of a mountain. This provides a new perspective. Using the pencil to recreate a scene that relates to the Swiss brand (i. the Swiss Alps).

Why Cities Must Allow Us to Love and Leave our Cars

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Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time by Jeff Speck A Best Book of the Year according to Planetizen and the American Society of Landscape Architects Jeff Speck has dedicated his career to determining what makes cities thrive.


Pop Up Sale Weekend

Floralpunk: Fuck this is a busy-as-fuck week. Upcoming this weekend: two Pop Up Sales ! One in Hanoi and one at Heverly store in Saigon ! This is no big announcement, but if you can, tell your friends about it : D.

Marginal - Paper Airplane // Paul Sergy Far Hernandez Michael C. Different approach to advertising a dj event in portugal. simple usage of type and just enough information about the band through an image. really caught my attention.

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HTC Re Diplo poster on Pantone Canvas Gallery

"HTC Re Diplo" poster - Branding, Photo and Graphic Design by Sung Ting Hsieh & Eddie Huang, Taipei (Taiwan)


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