Michael Tzetzias

Michael Tzetzias

CW04 value-shading by JustIRaziel.deviantart.com on @deviantART

How to do shadows, form poster. great for teaching value and shading geometric forms in art lessons Chiaroscuro

Shadow/highlight reference  ~<3

this diagram is great in showing how to shade in a sphere creating a realistic shadow and highlight. helps in understanding where the light and dark areas should be. using an aray of shades creates a more realistic and defined drawing

CW35 Light study by JustIRaziel

Light study by JustIRaziel on deviantART

Specular-Gloss explanation

Gloss maps and you!: A Texturing GameBanana (GB) Tutorial submitted by odd_enough.

3D-Coat - PBR description, Physically Based Rendering

PBR is a rendering with some physical properties of objects being taken into account. Such an approach provides the appearance of materials as in the real world.

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milsae: “Why I love ponytails and shortcuts. it’s because of nape.