Marine Theme - Homepage v.4

Great flow to the website with nice breaks created with the contrast in dark and light. The 6 tiles create a nice neat, well laid out grid. Really symmetrical web design with good use of white space.

ToFind - Transition Test by Leo Leung

ToFind - Transition Test

Mobile Design Inspiration - ToFind - Transition Test by Leo Leung — The Best.

glass tiles over the photograph - maybe each item that can be ordered is more of a vertical rectangle rather than a square - this way we can house the information and the buttons within that rectangle rather than outside of it. For ex - new, time left to order, restaurant, delivery time... and in the future, healthy tag, how many people ordered from this restaurant, room to rate the restaurant as a whole, etc..

(2013) Music Player - Side Menu

Music Player - Side Menu - Mobile Interface on Creattica: Your source for design inspiration on Wookmark

Another screen of the task list I have been working on the last week-end. If someone want to dev this, files are ready. Stay tuned for more ;p Enjoy! Twitter | Behance | LinkedIn

Google task app concept

Hey guys, after using Quartz composer for prototyping, I wanted to go back to AE. This is a task manager app (yes, I know. If someone want to dev this.

Flat Todo calendar by Henrik Xu

Flat Todo calendar

In Our Daily Life We Have To Organize The Events For Which Calendars Are Helpful. Here Is A Collection Of Beautiful Mobile Calendar Designs For Inspiration

Foursquare ios app iphone filter mood location

This Is The New Foursquare

Tags/Filters - On boarding for mobile Foursquare ios app iphone filter mood location

Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares

User interface inspiration

Date Picker by Rodrigo Soares. 30 Beautiful Mobile UI Examples --- -> I would have put an extra of Feb 24 & Feb cut off, so people would know to scroll up and down to pick a date.

Gogobot iPhone onboarding screenshot

Likes: overview of 'My feed' what are my preferences and using the tag cloud feel to show greater weighting of activity within each preference