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1509277086_3161.v_ctor_brush_strok__l_tt_r_logos_d_sign._black_paint_logo_l_t_rs_icon.jpg (500×1480)

1509277086_3161.v_ctor_brush_strok__l_tt_r_logos_d_sign._black_paint_logo_l_t_rs_icon.jpg (500×1480)



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using the negative space to turn the letter in to a statement is a very good idea. The viewer spends timing looking at the advert and makes it more memorable

Don't text and drive: you either see the letter or the danger. This is a fantastic example of how clever use of space can make a big impact. An innovative idea that really drives home the dangers of while driving. by Leo Burnett for FIAT

Beautiful Dial Knob UI Designs - UI

Dial Knob is not a very common UI you would see on a website. However, in webapps that are designed for devices with touch gestures, dial knob can be a very