Four lively women that are passionate about baking came together to create a warm and friendly bakery that serves the most delicious American pastries in town.

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Confectionary, Snacks, & Desserts, 3rd Place - The Four Fat Ladies

2014 trends: CURIOSITY is all about finding the fun in the everyday. Whimsy illustrations, bright pastels, and pops of personality turn every day consumables into an everyday smile.

Maison Dandoy confectionary packaging. Very nicely thought out and designed. The foil on the packaging adds a really nice depth to the design and the way the packages work together when placed next to each other adds a very nice, consistent look. The Product photography is really nice. The choice of a grey background helps the light packaging pop forward more.

The Dieline Package Design Awards 2013: Confectionary, Snacks, & Desserts, Merit - Maison Dandoy

KARAMELLERIET - Bessermachen

Design that reflects handmade caramels“Karamelleriet” is a product of 2 enthusiasts, a common dream, and the respect for old handcraft.This is complete handmade products from own production.The new visual universe must reflect the exact values and at …

Sweet Heaven Confectionary — The Dieline

Sweet Heaven Confectionary

Droga Chocolates

Droga Chocolates

Cult Partners recently completed an updated brand identity and packaging system for Los Angeles based Droga Chocolates.