Nambu Ironware Tape Dispenser

Jurgen Lehl's tape dispenser is part of its 'Nambu' Ironware collection which includes objects like bottle openers, chopstick rests and mosquito coil containers. Quite sculptural cast iron objects.

Page 1 Tape Dispenser: Remodelista

Page 1 Tape Dispenser

Page Goolrick is a New York City based architect, product, and lighting designer. Her designs for MoMA combine simplicity of form with finely finished surf

CHOCO tape dispenser by amie

CHOCO tape dispenser — much more visually pleasing than those plain black office dispensers.

Tape dispenser by Anything

See Jane Work office style and organization, See Jane Travel-stylish organized travel

Helit Foster Tape Dispenser designed by Norman Foster

Helit Foster Tape Dispenser designed by Norman Foster

30 Creative and Cool Tape Dispenser Designs (30) 18

Another slick modern tape dispenser. This one would be odd to store at your desk though. Maybe stick it in a pencil holder?