Simple Watch

200 series PVD grey/tan ++ uniform wares- my guy wants this watch. really nice.


Braun’s New Super-Simple, Super-Legible Alarm Clock


infinitebutterflies: “ rvlvr: “ ockupationsmakt: “ Braun Audio 2 by Dieter Rams Photo by Erno Forsström ” ” What a beautiful design, I’m so sick of rounded corners.


This BrAun watch from the has never looked better. They have a ladies version and a mens version too. Kind of similar to my Nike Imara Keeva watch.


Classic Braun watch with thick matte stainless steel case and leather strap. Features a quartz 3 hand movement and has a water resistance with scratch resistant mineral glass.

Belt Drive Turntable

TDK USB Belt Drive Turntable - This is so far up on my wishlist right now.

.:: music hall audio :: mmf-2.2wh

Music Hall MMF (White) by Music Hall - Turntable- want this for my living room

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