Japanese design studio A.P.Works

Japanese design studio A.Works playfully mimics the imagery of Albert Einstein's space-time fabric theory with this mind-bending placemat. By warping the grid pattern, the trick mat creates the illusion that the plate and silverware are weighing down th


Inspiration - Journal Prompt: Love this idea for an art/writing project. Students can draw themselves and write about themselves.

Pin # 38,000!! one of our classic #packages loved by our team We've come a long way baby in #packaging #2013 #toppin PD

TOT Take-Away (Student Work) Designed by Gloria Kelly, student of Elisava, Barcelona/ Spain - creative packaging design

It's simple, really. Just brew it! If you're a beer lover and you're proud to…

Just Brew It

Just brew it! If you're a beer lover, tea or coffee snob, or just plain witchy 😜

CHEMICAL CLOUD Words by Meghan Young www.trendhunter.com/trends/chemical-cloud Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography

CHEMICAL CLOUD Words by Meghan Young wwwtrendhuntercom/trends/chemical-cloud Art Direction, Graphic Design, Typography

Light Fest in St. Petersburg

Light Fest in St. Petersburg

Diploma project - identity system for a concept of Light Fest in Spb. I devided festival in 4 events - mapping, light performances, light installations and light marathon. For each of them was created an individual logo and poster. I think that lack o…

Empowered Coffee Ads; also a visual-verbal connection well exemplified. It literally depicts coffee as an "on" switch, and since we often do surveys and coverage having to do with the chronic coffee addiction that plagues most McLean students, we could use a visual graphic like this one as a clever, entertaining part of a coffee-related mod. Grace V

Deceptively Empowered Coffee Ads

Black & Blaze Coffee: Pause-Play Ad by Inhalt&Form Werbeagentur BSW, Zurich, Switzerland. Client: The Black & Blaze Coffee Roasting Company.

Iris font | 3 weights par martijn gerritsen - 18

23 typographies gratuites et originales créées en mai 2016

Iris font is a free compete round font with no sharp angles.This font is called Iris, because when you look at the a you’ll see the a looks like an eye. You can see this in a lot of other letters from the iris font.