I like the simplicity in some of these elements and will use them for inspiration but I feel some are too complex and feel cluttered but I will use them for reference for what to stay away from when developing my UI

The Astro Compendium; the navigational cortex of Omega Boy's ship もっと見る

GUI어플디자인에서 내 주제가 가족과의 소통, 집안 사물인터넷,전력,물세 소비량 계측 과 관련되있는대 이중 소통과 관련해서 교수님이 무전기라는 아이디어를 제시해 주셔서 이런 디자인도 함께 찾아보고있는대 라디오어플같은경우 대체로 이렇게 기계적인(?)모습을 많이 띄고있었다. 그렇다면 나는 조금 다른방향으로 나가는게 좋을것같다.

- Retina Digital Audio Workstation GUI Kit by Kontramax (via Creattica)

HiTech Interface Builder Pack — PSD Template #movie #battle • Download ➝ https://graphicriver.net/item/hitech-interface-builder-pack/7694953?ref=pxcr

Hi-Tech Interface Builder Pack

Buy Hi-Tech Interface Builder Pack by CGcube on GraphicRiver. Hi-Tech Interface Builder Pack Great for building futuristic interfaces, HUD elements.

234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle - Miscellaneous Game Assets

234 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle

Buy 310 RPG Fantasy Spells Icons Bundle by Haress on GraphicRiver. This bundle is composed of these 2 items: Bundle RPG Fantasy Spells Icons” Expansion 1 RPG Fantasy Spells Ic.

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Here is a bit of the art I made for Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus. I was charged with coming up with the UI art style, Iconography, HUD and In game menu design. This project was an absolute dream to work on. Ratchet & Clank is the property of Sony Co&

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Game User Interface Gui Ui Not Our Art Please Click Artwork For Source Writing Inspiration For Dunge