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When I am not illustrating I am a commercial graphic designer. I have been working in Australia since 2009 and am currently freelance with an amazing boutique studio called Bug Communica…

Sawako Kimijima

sugatsuke: “ Shion SONO, Going maverick (Series IDEAINK) the date of publication: book design: Groovisions co-edited by Yoshinobu AYAME (Asahi Press) ”

Postcard template designed by Hey Studio for Strut and Fibre's Ambassador Collection.

Designed by Barcelona design studio Hey this Premium Postcard uses our Ascender duplexed stock and the functional typeface Neue Haas Unica.


Fashion story For METAL MAGAZINE
, shot with Bonsoir Paris. This fashion story immerses us into a new state-of-the-art future, illuminated by neon lights and .


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