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sounds waves amplitude: height of the wave, determines loudness frequency…


Audio Recorder Redesign

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Funny ad by Draftfcb for the Lisbon Zoo, comparing the decibel levels of various animals with that of a kid inside a house all weekend. (via Quipsologies)

Voice Post

Voice Post

When it comes down to designing for mobile UX, sticking to industry best practices is a solid way to go. And applying ones that your users are already familiar with, will empower you to incorporate the most effective approaches to guide app user behavior. Without a concrete understanding of the psychology and philosophical underpinnings of the practices you choose, you’ll create a frustrating and friction-filled user experience.

Mobile app UX design: What strategies work and why

Mobile App UX Design: What strategies work and why - Product Mavens - Useful Stuff for the Mobile Product Manager

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7cc52ee621ed9bdf494d07072c827e95.jpg (400×300)