3D Printed iWatch? http://3dprint.com/9804/3d-printed-iwatch/

3D Printed iWatch? http://3dprint.com/9804/3d-printed-iwatch/

Want an Apple #iWatch early? Just #3D print one in your colour now  The 3D printed iWatch uses a flexible thermoplastic filament called #Ninjaflex that is strong yet able to bend to the contours of your wrist for comfort. The wrist band takes just over an hour to print out meaning you could churn out multiple colours to suit what you're wearing. And if it breaks? Just print another.

Want an Apple iWatch early?

NinjaFlex Timing Belt

NinjaFlex flexible printing filament is made from a specially formulated TPU material, boasting superior flexibility and abrasion resistance.

Flexible Multipurpose Strap (NinjaFlex) by CalebCox - Thingiverse

I needed a small customizable strap for some printed wearable projects I've been working on and decided to use some of my NinjaFlex to make one.

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