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Lucario the Aura Pokémon

Hey! Welcome to my Lucario blog! Here, I like to share amazing Lucario and Riolu things people have made as well as other Pokémon stuff

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“久しぶりに浮上しておいてもう寝るという 完成したらpixivに投稿するから…”

Zoroark- My Favorite Pokemon... by xXSteefyLoveXx on DeviantArt

Esp: - Este es Zoroark, conocido también como "El Maestro de Ilusiones"... Zoroark es mi Pokemon Favorito de la 5ta Generación de Pokemon... Ing: - This... Zoroark- My Favorite Pokemon...

Lucario the Aura Pokémon

bak62: “ Foxes フォッコとゾロアーク by くへ ”

Legend - Legend

One day Zorua is as happy as can be with the world on his side. The next day his Meema, Zoroark, is dead. Zorua, determined to get stronger to avenge his Meema travels to Pinwheel forest to train where he meets Oshawott and the Pokemon Clan, and with these allies on his side, he can't fail to avenge his Meema...Or can he?


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