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Willmann Vase by Hanne Willmann has a glass base and a concrete lid

i had this idea few years ago, will make this into better form with ceramic in our future collection. also my idea to to make this ‘vase top’ fit into multi jar width

기둥의 조명 -> 프라 소재 벽면 이용하여 비슷한 느낌 낼 수 있을 듯 간접 조명으로 이용가능

Korea Style reveals the intrinsic elements of Korean design; simplicity, moderation, constraint, and a deep respect for all things natural. Despite the filtering of Japanese and Western… read more at Kobo.

春日井展示場>住宅展示場:株式会社 三和木|愛知・岐阜で注文住宅・和風住宅なら株式会社三和木

春日井展示場>住宅展示場:株式会社 三和木|愛知・岐阜で注文住宅・和風住宅なら株式会社三和木 Beautiful modern home, mid-century modern, amin c khoury,modern house, amin khoury, modern architecture, inspiring house, amin khoury jr, palm beach, modern design, cool house, dream house

This family home has made a life for itself in Califonia's Carmel Valley

modern home modernist design contemporary home This home has a covered outdoor living room with a day bed and fireplace. A cut-out in the wall perfectly frames a single tree.

The design of Bibigo by Central Design Studio, is inspired by Seoul, South Korea creating a traditional dining space with an informal & exciting atmosphere.

The various patterns and depths in the wood lattice wall give an added layer of dimension and textural appeal to the space while also complimenting the scale of the space by making some panels extend higher than others.

Casa Txai / Studio MK27

Galería de Casa Txai / Studio MK27 - Marcio Kogan + Carolina Castroviejo + Gabriel Kogan - 25

Image 25 of 53 from gallery of Txai House / Studio - Marcio Kogan + Carolina Castroviejo + Gabriel Kogan. Photograph by Fernando Guerra


Beautiful skylight by Architect Takaaki Kawabata's Hudson Valley open-plan house