Hanbok #The Wedding #Hanbok Lynn

hanboklynn: “ Elegant and beautiful silk hanbok for Spring. With its gorgeous pastel-toned colors and high-quality silk, this hanbok is just stunning! and elegant hanbok dress for brides.

Vogue Korea Editorial June 2014 - So Hee Song by Hyea Won Kang

The Terrier and Lobster: "Once Upon a Time": So-Hee Song in High Fashion and Traditional Korean Costume (Hanbok) by Hyea-Won Kang for Vogue Korea June 2014


Movie 'Tailors' release teaser footage + character posters

Gorgeous royal hanbok from the ''The royal tailors" korean movie / 한복 Hanbok / Traditional Korean clothes

Hanbok - Korean traditional wedding dress

Nokwonsam, or green wonsam, wore with that headpiece and those daenggi (ribbons) is the traditional Korean wedding dress

MissA Suzy in #Hanbok

Cùng nhìn lại sự thay đổi của nữ thần Suzy qua loạt hình tạp chí 4 năm nay

My work, Hanbok, Korean clothes Robe for mens with a woven braided belt (Changeui in Korean)... Materials: Silk (gauze weave), Ramie (lining) Style: Korean Traditional Style

My work, Hanbok, Korean clothes& Robe for mens with a woven braided belt & (Changeui in Korean).