Grea Lee

Grea Lee

I love Disney and Dreamworks, Japanese Anime, Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc,etc. I like reading Fanfiction about the things I love. My favo
Grea Lee
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A narnia lullaby... YOU'RE KIDDING!!!!! SWEET!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sheet music for "A Narnia Lullaby" - I don't play flute, but I wonder how it would sound on the piano.

Free Pop Sheet Music: Radioactive - Imagine Dragons (Flute / Oboe)

This is a Flute (or Oboe) solo for the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons! It is in the key of D Major.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Flute | MuseScore

Somewhere Over The Rainbow Flute (Knowing me, I would play it an octave up, or give it a nice harmony to go with the melody)🎶